Baby dragons are everywhere!
Perry Shibble sells dragon eggs, but he doesn’t stock his shelves correctly. The eggs hatch, and there are baby dragons all over his store! Can Supply Jane and Fifo save the day?
The Supply Jane Adventures bring supply chain, logistics, and inventory management principles to life. They teach kids simple but powerful concepts that make the world around us work. They are also a great way for parents to approach the 'Here’s what Mommy does all day at work' conversation.

After reading Fifo Saves the Day, kids will understand the concept of First In, First Out, and they’ll be able to see FIFO in action at the grocery store or in their own kitchen. They will have a better understanding of perishable goods handling and inventory management procedures, and will get a dragon-filled introduction to the world of supply chain management!


An early introduction to supply chain management
The opportunities for a successful and fulfilling career in supply chain management are enormous. Maybe this book can help a little bit by showcasing the work that supply chain and operations managers do in an accessible way to children.
Associate Dean of MBA Program
Kids love it!
My 5-year-old nephew totally got it (it's cool to eat leftovers now, before anything "hatches"), my sister loved seeing the light come on for him, and I was the hero.

Strategy Consultant & Coach
I'd make my kid read this if I had one.
You should check illustrations out mindfully as there are some cool subtle details present!
Senior Software Engineer
Supply Jane saves the day!
Great book for introducing basic concepts of supply chain management, especially for children.
Supply Chain Department Chair

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